Creating Your First WEB Crypto Project

We provide website building services for you to have an attractive website at a cheap and affordable price. It's time for you to complete your crypto project.

Why Choose Us?


We believed that crypto move so fast. Therefore, CWB is here to provide the design results in just a matter of hours. It is depending on the current demands. However, if urgency of request can be requested.


We believed investors love to put their money on trusted and attractive website. Therefore, we will make that till client happy with the design. Furthermore, our design will be supported for all devices. Your project now can attract more investors.​


Just hire us to build your website, let us manage everything for you. You just sit and watch the final result.​

Live Your Website Today

Stop wasting your time. Save your energy and hire us. We can build one for you with the cheapest price in town. It's time to make a real project starting with real website design which may attract investors into your project. We are here to help you. Read the requirement and contact us when you're ready.

$10 dollar discount if you agree to launching your website with us today.

Show something new to convince your investor

We provide new breakthroughs that can benefit project and it’s investors. Once your website is Live, we will make an announcement about your project details on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This will engage with both parties to get in touch and who know "FOMO" will kicked in?

Project Team KYC

KYC means "know your customer." KYC service is a method used by the project owner to give more trust even though you still anonymous. KYC will reduce the fear of investors to invest in your project. We highly recommend you to use this service to get high trust for your project investors. It is part of a broader set of measures that regulators around the world use to fight money laundering. Easy formula, the more investors gaining trust, the more investor will involve in your project.

With this feature, you are verified but stay still anonymous.



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